Spring Classes

From April to June there are Balfolk lessons on Monday evenings in the Moira. There will be a trial lesson on april 8. There are two lessons on 8 evenings: a lesson for a beginners and a pre-intermediates group. Iris Dijkstra will be teaching the classes. 

Teacher and assistent

Iris and Anne have been dancing together since 2011. They were introduced to balfolk through Dutch festivals and have attended many workshops and festivals both in The Netherlands and abroad. They’re both very enthusiastic about balfolk and dances from various regions in France. In their classes they will try to find the balance between tradition, innovation, comfort and fun on the dancefloor.

The Lesson Levels

Beginner group

For those who have never danced before or are just starting out. We explain the basics of the most common dances within balfolk so that you can get on the dance floor straight away. In this series of lessons we will work on various basic dances (hanterdro, andro, scottish, cercle circassien, chapelloise), dance position and frame, and how to create a safe and pleasant atmosphere together. 

Pre-Intermediate group

For those who have been dancing for a while and are familiar with a number of basic dances (hanterdro, andro, scottish, cercle circassien, chapelloise) and would like to learn how to be more playful in their dancing. We repeat the basics of the most common dances, we’ll cover a couple of new ones (walz, mazurka), work on dance posture and discuss variations in couple and group dances.

Of course, it may be that you don’t know which series is exactly right for you. How quickly you learn and especially how often you dance outside of lessons can make a huge difference. Please send an email to utrecht@balfolk.nl to explain your situation, and we would be happy to help you. 

What does it cost?

Payment is made in cash. Trial lesson only costs €10. A series of lessons costs:

Lesson Times

19.00 doors open,
19.15-20.30: pre-intermediate,
20.30-21.45: beginners.


*June 24 is a mixed class. 


The address of the Moira is Wolvenstraat 10 (you walk into it at the end of the Plompetorengracht), but it is a large building. The door you need is the blue one on the right, with “Moira hall” in pink letters. Then you come down to the hall via the stairs. Unfortunately there is no elevator. .


Het adres van de Moira is Wolvenstraat 10 (aan het einde van de Plompetorengracht loop je er tegenaan), maar het is een groot gebouw. De deur die je moet hebben is de blauwe aan de rechterkant, met daarop in roze letters “Moira zaal”. Dan kom je via de trap naar beneden in de zaal. Er is helaas geen lift.