Do you want to dance balfolk in Utrecht? Balfolk Utrecht has been organizing dance classes and dance events (bals) in Utrecht since 2018. Balfolk Utrecht consist of two organizations: one for Monday evenings and one for the bals at the weekend.


The dance classes are on Monday evenings. There are 2 or 3 series of lessons every year. We have two lesson groups every evening. We rotate through 5 levels: beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced and advanced+. Sometimes we also have extra in-depth mini-series or workshops.

dance events with live music (bals)

The large bals are at the weekend. These also have a workshop beforehand. We also have season finales or mini-bals on Monday evenings halfway through and at the end of each season.

Aankomende lessen en bals

For information on Balfolk in NL, please visit There are also music lessons, Stichting Draalier en Doedelzak and De Trekzakacademie.