Wat is Balfolk?

What is Balfolk?

Balfolk is a collection of European dance styles and music. The dance styles are mainly couple, group and riding dances, which largely come from contemporary France (and Sweden). We dance, e.g. waltz, mazurka, polka, bourree, polska etc. The music has its origins in folk music. Balfolk is usually danced at social dance evenings with live music (balls). 

Analogously, what Latin American dancing (tango, salsa, etc.) is to Latin America, balfolk is to Europe.

Why should you dance balfolk?

At start, balfolk has a low learning curve. The dances have simple basic steps and dance structures, so you can already have a comfortable dance after a few lessons. But you can also delve deeper and take up the challenge: learn different styles from multiple European regions, or fuse other styles (salsa, tango, blues, etc.) into your dance. 

You do not need a regular dance partner for Balfolk. We usually change partners during dance lessons and at balls, so feel free to ask someone for a dance. Of course you are also free to say no. 

Are there traditional gender roles in Balfolk?

The lead and follow do not have to consist from a man and a woman, and you do not have to stick to a role. Either leading or following is allowed. The roles are gender-neutral. 

Why should you dance at balfolk utrecht?

One and the same dance can have different dance techniques and steps from region to region. At Balfolk Utrecht you will learn techniques and steps that are closer to the origin, but with which you can still dance with everyone (all over the world). You can therefore more easily delve into regional styles or fuse your dance with other styles (salsa, tango, blues, etc.). In our advanced classes we delve deeper into the different styles and techniques (and how you could mix them).

We believe safety is important for everyone therefore we have drawn up a number of guidelines for participants, teachers and ourselves. You can find these in the menu under Etiquette.